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a film by Hamid Navim

music by Kavan Honarmand

institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults 2007

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Hamid Navim

He was born Tehran, in 1943. He continued his higher studies to take a masters degree in graphics from the University of Fine Arts in Braunschwieg, Germany. He also studied film design, production and animation films direction at Hochschule der Kunste (University of Fine Art) in Berlin.
Navim worked as a director of German documentaries and advertising films at Deutsche Dokumentar und Werbe Film and founded the Zentrum fur Film und Grafik (Center for Film, Photography and Graphics) at FU (Free University) in Berlin. He is the key animator of the feature film Agaton Sax, the first full-animated feature film in Sweden at Team-Film A.B. As an animation teacher he has taught at the Postgraduate School of Farabi University, IRIB TV College and Tehran University in Iran while directing and producing animated films in IRIB TV Channel 1.
Founding Navim Film Studio in Tehran, Film Folket association and Animation Production Company in Sweden, directing and producing films at Hunnar Film in Bombay (India), New Vision and Medesign Company (Sweden) and making more than 40 short films are the main parts of his career as a filmmaker. Navim,s last film, "Regal, the Golden Eagle" won awards at Chicago and Mill Valley Film Festivals and nominated for Guldbagge (Golden Ram) 2000), the most respected award in Sweden. He is also a member of the Director Boarding of Kaleidoscope in Sweden.
Filmography: "The Birth" and "Regal, the Golden Eagle".
Hamid Navim's workshop is to have a group of forty skilled Kanoon animators become acquainted with new animation techniques.
This is a good opportunity for our interested fellow countryman to gain valuable knowledge from this well-known master.
The main topics at this workshop are as follow:
1- Basic animation (timing, spacing, squash and stretch contact and ....)
2- Methods of animation
3- Moving of different human characters
4- Moving of animals and birds
5- Training on the writing of dialogues and music, storyboard designing, ....

Ending music lyric:

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Letís forget about the pains 

Forget all partialities

Forget all the worries we have

About the crafts we make in our labs


Letís just donít speak, donít think

about disasters.

Letís donít spoil our beautiful times

 About the grieves that those stupid, blue, laddie people have


Letís be politician

Letís be politician

Letís govern our empire

Letís be politician


Double Bass: KHorshidfar

Violin: Ali Jafari

Electric Guitar: Payam Eslami

Acoustic Guitar: Kavan HOnarmand