Kavan Honarmand








Born in Iran 1972. He was interested in music since he was 12 and from 16 he began to study music.He studied theory of music under the supervision of  Hamid Amid, Eshagh Sahaf, Keyvan Mirhadi,  and Kambiz Roshanravan and rehearsed playing classical guitar with Hadi and Mehdi Shahidi, Mansoor rasa, Keyvan Mirhadi.

Get familiar to studio recording tools by Mr. Bahram Bahraini.

Kavan, has graduated in Physical Therapy and works in his private physiotherapy clinic.



Tel: +98 912 1387110

skype: Kavan Honarmand



Published works:

  1. music and arrangement for Bahram Radan album "other side".

  2. sound track for an animation " the story for a glorious life of an red pen" by Alireza Chitaii, bases on a book by Abbas Kiarostami.

  3. sound track for an animation "station" my Ms. Samadi.

  4. sound track for ann animation "Attar" by Kamyab Darvishi.

  5. sound track for an animation "the fox who followed the voice" by fateme Goodarzi.

  6. sound track for an animation "Mahouri" by Fateme Goodaarzi. winner of best sound track in 3 festivals: 1-international Rahmat short film and animation festival. 2- Iranian Cinema House festival 3- Isfehan "ab" festival

  7. sound track for a short film "the way" by Alireza Chitaii.

  8. sound track for an animation "chairs" by Fatima Yasrebi.

  9. sound track for a TV serries " commission125" by Behrooz Afkhami.

  10. title track for a TV program "athority in Cinema" by Mahmood Riahi

  11. sound track for a film "Bibi" by Hassan Iektapanah.

  12. sound track for a short film "presence" by Alireza Chitaii. winner of the best sound track for short film in Tehran Short film festival.

  13. soudtrack for an animation "Question Mark"

  14. sound track for a movie " Four Finger" directed by Saiid Soheili.

  15. sound track for a documentary about Iranian Capet. directed by Behrooz Afkhami.

  16. sound track for an animation " Dream"

  17. a vocal song for physiotherapists in  all over the world

  18. producing a program called "lonely instruments" for Saba TV

  19. title music for NEWS and some other programs in Saba TV channel2005

  20. sound track for a TV movie " me and my enemy" 2005

  21. Pink Marriage. sound track for a movie by Manoochehr Mosaier 2005

  22. Baztab (reflection). sound track for an animation by  Alireza Chitaii 2004

  23. "Gavkhoni" sound track publication in CD format.2004

  24. Undone Story: Sound track for a film by Hassan Iecktapanah (players) 2004

  25. A song named SHABCHERAGH for appreciate Fereidon Moshiri, an Iranian poet. 2004

  26. Picture world music 2003.

  27. Sonar: A book full of professional hints for multi track recording software “Sonar 2 “. Naghoos 2003.

  28. Gavkhooni :Sound track for a film by Behrooz Afkhami.(players)

  29. Desert Rose .Multideia CD. Music and scores of Sting. Tannin Sote  2002.

  30. Gavkhooni .Music for a multi media CD. A novel by Jafar Modaress Sadeghi .  Tannin Sote 2002.

  31. Desert Rose : a book about Sting and The Police. Lyrics and music .Mes publisher 2002.

  32. Voodoolunge : a book about Rolling Stones lyrics and music. Mes Publisher.Tehran 2001.